CSA Shares!

We have a pretty lovely CSA share available for pick up Tuesday, October 26th between 4 and 7pm!

Click here to order.

Investing in the Future of Agriculture

Our new location is perfect in many ways. It’s a shorter commute for staff and markets, meaning less emissions and easier access. It has been used as pasture for goats for at least 10 years, meaning the soil is rich in natural fertilizer. It has plenty of space to grow, meaning that we could expand into areas like fruits and nuts. The site is also owned by some dedicated farmers. They would like to see the site used for agriculture, but need to take a break after the many years they’ve been at it. Maintaining land in production is crucial to proving to the Agricultural Land Commission that land like this must be preserved. 

The downside is that the site has not previously been used for vegetable production, and as such doesn’t have some key pieces of infrastructure. First, we need to dig a well that will supply our needs for irrigation and washing your veggies. Next, we will need power to operate the well pump and other tools. Finally, structures for processing, seedling propagation, and storage need to be established for us to be able to grow your produce. It’s going to take a lot of money, and a lot of time, but we’re happy to do the work. These improvements will remain on the site even if we don’t, meaning that this work and investment will represent a permanent benefit to agricultural capacity in Metro Vancouver.

Join us at the Farm!

There will be lots of physical work at the farm this year! You can also help us out by joining for some physically distanced work outside! (Public health orders permitting, of course). If you’re interested in helping out by volunteering, please sign up here:

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