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The 2019 CSA is here!

The 2019 CSA sale is now open! Act quickly because we sell out fast.

CSA Details:

  • Price: $550 due at sign up
  • Time: 18 weeks starting in May, with one week off in late July or August
  • Pick Up Location: Britannia Community Service Centre on Commercial Drive
  • Pick Up Time: Tuesdays from 4:00-7:30pm, and Sundays in September
  • Share Size: Enough to supply all the vegetables one person would eat all week if they didn’t eat out at all. Most members split one share between two or more people.

Click here to check out the agreement and/or sign up!



Markets in 2019

We plan to be at several markets this summer. Please stay tuned for more details.




Fractal Farm currently supplies several food businesses with local, sustainable produce. You can ask for our weekly fresh sheet, or talk to us about what you would like to see on those fresh sheets, by contacting us. 

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